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Co-curricular activities at SNA Saigon South Campus are an essential component of every student’s educational experience, not an optional one. Children can participate in an appropriate, engaging, and helpful after-school program with five key advantages, regardless of age or grade level:

  1. Practical Knowledge

Students in the esteemed IB curriculum, which is renowned for its academic complexity and diversity, not only learn about science, life, and the arts but also develop a passion for sharing and constructing viewpoints and philosophies about life, society, and mankind. These lessons begin at the PYP level and continue through the DP, when topics like Theory of Knowledge are covered. Co-curricular activities play a crucial role in assisting students in deciphering the knowledge they have gained in school, as even the most vividly presented content cannot entirely capture the vibrant world outside of the classroom. When students participate in co-curricular activities, they get the opportunity to observe directly the diversity of biology at botanical facilities, when kids see and “touch” history up close in museums and when they take in hands-on art during exhibitions. Accompanying that is the importance of knowledge practice, which is demonstrated by students applying what they learn in school to real-world activities like recycling trash and planting trees. Every co-curricular activity fosters cognitive development and fortifies a child’s worldview.

2. Skills Enhancement

A strong curriculum helps students develop the skills they need, which is even more crucial given the fast-changing global landscape and the unknowns that lie ahead. And practicing skills in real life is the best method to develop them. Every IB student has the opportunity to practice a wide range of abilities through co-curricular activities, from the most basic to the most advanced. The most important key words when discussing extracurricular talents are discipline, observation, teamwork, persuasion, or problem solving. An extensive program with numerous alternatives for children to learn a wide range of abilities is provided by SNA, which offers over 50 activities annually that vary in place, technique, time, and context.

3. The Love Of Learning

Inquirer is 1of the 10 important characteristics of the IB learner profile and is also one of the most important qualities that SNA focuses on fostering for students. Among these, our teachers place the most emphasis on helping students develop a lifelong curiosity and the capacity for learning. One of the most important pillars on which youngsters can build their curiosity in the diversity of life is participation in co-curricular activities. Every time they go on a sightseeing or research excursion, students always have a ton of questions. Some of the most common ones are: Why are leaves green? Why aren’t spiders reptiles? Why can’t planes travel faster than sound? Why was there an ice age? What part did architecture play in the evolution of humanity? Undoubtedly, in a world that is continuously changing, students can only be proactive in embracing these changes if they have a strong desire to study.

4. Self-Discovery

At SNA Saigon South Campus, co-curricular activities are an integral part of the educational framework. These activities are designed not just to complement academic learning but to provide students with opportunities to explore and develop new skills and interests. We want to encourage students to step beyond their comfort zones, embrace new challenges, and view failures as valuable learning experiences.

If students love filmmaking, SNA offers relevant classes to help them become inspiring directors from an early age. If students are passionate about chess, SNA offers clubs to practice thinking and tactics. If students are interested in rhetoric and debate, SNA arranges after-school hours with experienced teachers so that they can enter major arenas in the world such as the World Scholar Cup. If students like STEM, SNA has coding and robotic classes for students to unleash their creativity. Moreover, art classes such as ballet, contemporary dance, painting, and music are the ideal ground for nurturing great artists. By integrating these diverse activities, SNA Saigon South Campus ensures comprehensive development for students, helping them gain skills beyond academics and apply them in real life.

5. Study-Life Balance

By participating in diverse activities, students become well-rounded individuals who can balance multiple aspects of their lives effectively. They learn crucial time management skills, setting goals, and working diligently towards achieving them. These activities also foster emotional and social skills. Interacting with peers in various settings allows students to build lasting relationships and develop empathy, cooperation, and effective communication skills.

Moreover, engagement in co-curricular activities enhances academic performance. The discipline, time management, and goal-setting skills learned through these activities translate directly into improved academic outcomes, as students apply these skills to their studies. Participation in co-curricular activities also builds confidence and self-esteem. Students gain a sense of accomplishment from trying new things and succeeding, and they develop resilience by learning from their failures.

SNA Saigon South Campus encourages all students to participate in co-curricular activities. The school provides a supportive environment where students can explore their interests and talents without fear of failure. The faculty and staff play a crucial role in guiding students and helping them make the most of these opportunities.

The co-curricular activities at SNA Saigon South Campus are a testament to the school’s commitment to holistic education. By offering a wide range of activities, we ensure that every student can discover their passions, develop new skills, and grow into well-rounded individuals. These programs are not just about enhancing academic learning; they are about preparing students for life, fostering a love for learning, and helping them become confident, capable, and compassionate global citizens.

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